Experience Smooth Sailing in the Norwegian Seas

The Norwegian has an age-old bond with the seas and the seas have blessed them with continuing zeal to keep their shipping businesses retain its stature intact. Centuries old Norway ship selling industry is thriving as ever. Being the fourth largest Merchant fleet in the world and a key player in the economic growth of the country, the Norwegian shipping trade is a natural selection for business investments.

Ferries for Sale

Export, sale, purchase and brokerage are the main industry activities of the country. The Norwegian fare for maritime vessels includes luxury cruise ships, regular passenger travel Day ferries and Night ferries, high-speed Fast ferries, RoPax or RoRo vessel for both freight and passenger and more.

Some of the prominent aspects of Norwegian maritime industry are:

A Large Availability of Experienced Ship Broker Companies

Within the uncertain and deep waters of the giant shipping industry of Norway, extremely skilled ship brokers navigate a clear path to buy its clients the right kind of thing for their budget and choice. Experienced ship broking companies help their customers through arranging the deals, assessing the risk factors in them, present the terms accordingly in a contract, manage counter parties, offer expert suggestions, guide companies entering new businesses and much more.

Use of High-End Technology

Advanced technological innovations are thoroughly harnessed in Norwegian shipping business. Acing in the domain of gas powered vessels and alternative energy, the world’s leading technology resources are tapped incessantly to bring home finest of shipping services. The continuous dedicated efforts of the industry operators resulted in the country being one of the largest and most technologically advanced offshore fleets in the world.

Ships with All Round Modern Amenities

Norwegian ships are one of the most advanced also in the sense that its vehicles are thoroughly equipped with modern amenities. All kinds of facilities for a richer sailing experience are availed through Norwegian ferry offerings.

Influencing the Country’s Economic Growth

The maritime industry of Norway constitutes big sized shipping companies, shipbuilding yards, equipment makers, research and development segment and regulatory bodies. Ranking as the second export industry of the nation after oil and gas, the shipping business has a substantial contribution to the country’s GDP (5.5% in the year 2009).

Environment-Friendly Trade

The sea being one of the most eco-friendly mode of transport and a large amount of Norwegian transport is opting for green cruise and vessels, the country is becoming increasingly prominent in the world map as an environment-friendly business option.

With all the rich features stated above, Norway, is clearly a desirable destination for trade in shipping and it has been so for centuries.

Reasons to Invest In The Norwegian ROPAX and RORO Vessels

The Norwegian Maritime Industry has been ruling one of the world’s biggest merchant fleets for a period of more than 150 years. This is quite unbelievable and unacceptable given that, the country has a population of fewer than 6 million people according to the 2016 statistics. And what’s more? The Norwegian Government aims to turn it into the world’s Maritime capital as well as the most environment-friendly solutions provider of this century. Now, how is that possible? Well, the following points will give you a brief idea regarding the influence of this particular industry on the economic growth of the nation besides delineating the reasons why you it is recommendable to invest in this large-scale business.

Ropax Vessels For Sale

Availability of Experienced Ship Brokers

You will find a plethora of ship broker companies in Norway that are always on their toes to give you the best deals for advanced vessels. Instead of searching for fine cruises and ferries for sale in the market, you can always contact a ship brokering agency and let them do all the research. You can rest assured they will keep a tab on lucrative deals in the market and provide you with the details so you can pick one according to your budget and preferences.

Fleet of Technologically Advanced Vessels

The 1970’s marked the beginning of the Norwegian Offshore Fleet. It started with the petroleum operations on the continental shelf even during adverse climatic conditions and poor working environment. However, hard work never goes in vain and today, the country possesses one of the largest and most technologically advanced offshore fleets in the world. In fact, the domestic market has laid the foundation for companies to take their business beyond the Norwegian continental shelf. Today, about half of the industry’s revenue comes from outside operations. This trend will sprout better results in future when the companies start exploring the challenges beyond the safe limits of the continental shelf.

The Maritime Industry influences economic growth to a great extent

Large-scale shipping companies, equipment manufacturers, shipbuilding yards, universities, Research and Development centres and regulatory bodies comprise the Maritime Industry of Norway. It accounted for 5.5% of the nation’s GDP in 2009 and it is also ranked second in the nation’s export industry, the oil and gas sector being the first ones. Therefore, it is needless to say that this particular industry is growing by leaps and bounds and this is just the right time to invest in this profitable business.

Beneficial to the environment

The sea is one of the most environment-friendly modes of transport and Norway leads in this particular sector. About 90% of world trade is conducted via sea transport and it accounts for a little more than 2% of greenhouse gas emissions. A single ship has can replace about a hundred trucks thus reducing traffic congestion, accidents and greenhouse gas emissions to large degrees. Therefore the Norwegian Government is betting on the Maritime industry to take this small nation at the top of global charts with respect to environment-friendliness.

Smart Ships with all Modern Amenities

It is needless to say here that the Norwegian fleet is one of the most advanced in the whole world. The shipping companies are engaged in several seagoing activities like the transportation of chemicals, gas, petroleum products, rolling stock, vehicles and so on. You will come across advertisements of ROPAX and RORO vessels for sale every now and then. And, those ships are quite advanced in terms of technology. For example, they are leading in the aspect of gas-powered vessels and utilisation of alternative energies on board.

If you are a possible investor in this industry, it is advisable not to waste more time in indecisiveness. Contact a reliable as well as experienced ship brokering company and start investing in water transport. Let your ship raise a storm in the Norwegian or international waters.

Check Out the Latest Itineraries of Adventures by Disney

Adventures by Disney has recently revealed some new itineraries for the year 2017. These new itineraries include an expansion of popular river cruising trip with AmaWaterways and enhancements to family vacations to the places like China and Australia.

ferries for sale

New European River Cruise setting sail for the Rhine River

In addition to providing the second season of Danube River sailings, Adventures by Disney would expand offerings to add sailings along the Rhine River in the year 2017. The new Rhine River itinerary provides adventurous travelers with the chances to experience the splendor of four countries; i.e. Switzerland, France, Netherlands and Germany.

Bringing together the top-notch services and luxury of AmaWaterways, these river cruise sailings offer a world-class travel experience that’s hassle-free and all-inclusive. Designed with every traveler in mind, travelers can customize their vacation to meet their family requisites by choosing from an array of activity options provided at ports along the Rhine River as well as on-board every day.
When talking about the compelling design, the luxury stateroom and suits are worth mentioning. Adventures by Disney has worked closely with AmaWaterways to reimagine shipboard activities and spaces, offering unique arrangements for teens, children and adults.

Here are the highlights of seven/eight day adventures include

  • Visit to famous storybook Heidelberg Castle
  • Ride to hike, toboggan along with a waterfall or zip line through the Black Forest
  • Enjoy snow biking, tubing, curling and more at the first indoor ski hall of Germany
  • An opportunity to explore the Alsace Region of France by the canoe or on horseback
  • Hands-on experience during clog painting as well as a cheese making  demonstration in Holland
  • Bike along the Rhine River within the German wine countryside, through different towns and beyond
  • Savor the mouth-watering platters including Swiss fondue, German chocolate tasting, a French macaron cooking class, etc.

Also new for 2017 are enhancements to Adventures by Disney vacations to Australia and China. With the opening of Shanghai Disney Resort in June, the China itinerary has been reimagined to add a visit to the exciting new destinations.

Adventures by the guests of Disney can explore the newest Disney theme park with VIP tour guides, providing a really top-tier experience. In Australia, the travelers can enjoy ample time on the stunning Gold Coast including kayaking on whale, Bryon Bay and dolphin spotting and more.

The USA vacations can enable travelers to discover the beauty of America

Debuting in summer 2016, every weeklong trip is filled with fun-filled activities to the destinations. In the Central Florida, every family can enjoy the unprecedented backstage access as well as VIP experiences at Walt Disney World Resort, airboat through Florida marshlands and thrill to a visit to the Space Coast.

Montana provides glamorous camping near Yellowstone National Park and a comfortable stay at a dude ranch in Big Sky. The American history comes alive when you are visiting the nation’s capital.

Whether tourists are setting sail for Europe, exploring many exotic locations in far-off lands or savoring the splendor of America’s National Park. Plus, the fun-filled adventures by Disney provides exceptional services and active experiences that appeal to visitors of all ages.


If the above-mentioned information is not sufficient, you can contact the ship broker companies Norway. Besides informing you about ships or ferries for sale, they can also offer you relevant information about different cruises and ships.

A Fun-Filled Build-A-Bear Workshop is Conducted by Carnival Cruise Line

A great news for the cruisers – the very first Build-A-Bear workshop is going to be rolled out aboard the Carnival Dream. Carnival refers to a family cruise leader which hosts 700,000 kids per year. Carnival is conducting a Build-A-Bear workshop at sea by Summer 2017. The workshop is said to provide children with an opportunity of making their own cuddly bear. It can be customized with a host of outfits and accessories including tutus, high-top sneakers, vacation outfits such as bathing suits, sunglasses, etc.

cruise ship

A sneak peek into the quirky workshop:

Each of the bears will have its own “birth certificate” where the name and date of birth of the bear will b e mentioned. Also, the cuddly bears will carry a monogrammed drawstring bag. This is not it; the cute bears will also have their own voice through a recordable sound chip. Kids can even record their own special messages via the recorder. The workshop has a lot more fun-filled experience in store. Besides making cuddly-teddies, children can also create soft toys including turtles, monkeys, leopards, and many other furry friends. Also, kids will be taught to make St. Jude Bear with an objective of gifting the children of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

When the workshop is a favorite destination for families:

Build-A-Bear Workshop stores always have been a favorite destination for families. The partnership with Carnival Cruise Line will provide passengers with an opportunity of participating in the fun of making cute furry friends while onboard. The new workshop experience on Carnival Cruise Line Ships will proffer a host of exciting experiences for every passenger irrespective of the age and gender.

A host of arrangements for passengers’ unlimited fun:

The participants can create their custom-designed teddy bears at Build-A-Bear Workshop At Sea workstations situated within the Camp Ocean facilities . Or they can also attend cruise directors of the ship with festive Build-A-Bear workshop held at every cruise. Music and mouth-watering snacks are the central attraction of the celebration.

The pop-up workstations are set at the designated times throughout the cruise and they also include everything to create some cute, huggable,soft teddy bears with racks filled out with different outfits, accessories and soft materials. With help of these ingredients, participants can create absolutely soft and huggable teddy bears.

That’s not it – Build-A-Bear Workshop At Sea also offer an array of fun-filled activities including complimentary programs for children of 2-17 age group. A bunch of amenities like spectacular water parks with corkscrew water slides, splash zones, poolside DiveIn Movies on gigantic LED screens, outdoor play spaces, miniature golf courses, etc. will be arranged for the unlimited entertainment of the participants.

If the above-mentioned information is not enough to address your queries in this regard, then for more info you can rely on the reputed ship broker companies Norway. They are responsible to addressing all of the queries with relevant and detailed information.

Wonderful Things To Notice About Carnival Cruise Line

The best part about cruise vacation is probably the top-notch, luxury amenities it offers to the voyagers. For some pleasure seekers, sea sailing is more pleasurable than any other vacation, because in case of cruising there’s no stress of catching flights or checking in/ checking out in hotels etc. Are you planning to embark on a fun-filled sea journey? If yes, then Carnival Cruise Line can be the best bet for you. You want to know why you should zero in on Carnival Cruise Line? Check out this following excerpt and know why you should narrow down the Carnival Cruise Line –

cruise ship

– No worries about Third-Party Tour Operators: Carnival Cruise Line’s Best Price ensure on shore excursions, which strict;y emphasizes on the target location. ON day one, they would also ask you a bunch of questions about any sea sailing. On the page of the list of  Carnival’s Fun Ashore excursions, Carnival would ask you to express your opinions about the vacation. You may have to share your memorable experiences about the getaway. This is undoubtedly an excellent way of paying heed to travellers’ preference, experience and requisites.

– FunHub App: The Carnival FunHub app is absolutely free to download. This app comes alive the moment you board a Carnival FunShip. When you find your way around the FunShip on deck plans, which are now in your mobile phone. You can check out the regular schedule, send texts to other passengers on the ship without spending a single penny, prep excursion plans, check out menus and many more. Regardless to say that this app is unavailable on many ships. Hence, if you board on any other cruise ship, you might miss the Carnival FunHub app, which works wonders on Carnival Vista.

– Buckle up for a great dose of entertainment: Exclusively curated, the fun-filled live entertainments run from current hits to violin concertos to karaoke sound tracks and rock music, everything will be there for your entertainment. There is always a concentrated effort being made to host the joyous programs on every sailing.

– Have a look at the cheers package: You will require drinking any number of “whatever-it-is-you-drink” to come out on the Carnival CHEERS Beverage Package. SA majority of voyagers tend to estimate low compared with what they usually drink whilst voyaging on sea.

– A few things need to be said about Port Canaveral: Always on the move, the Space Coast cruise port of Florida is always expanding. A new multi-level parking garage ensures a convenient access to the cruise ships in terminals, which are tailored to handle the crowd with a surprising ease.  Accustomed to flying to the Embarkation port then flying back home, the 90-minute drive also includes picking up the pets at vet’s office. This apart, Carnival has more ships homeported at North American Embarkation ports than any other cruise lines. Reasons enough to celebrate a frolicking sea vacation on Carnival Cruise Line.

To conclude:

With a huge number of  cruise lines sailing to the seas, zeroing in on the best might seem like a challenge. Let your preferences and budget dictate your ultimate choice. If you are looking to know more in detail, ship broker companies in Norway can help you out. Also, you can rely on such reputed ship broker companies if you wish to make a purchase of the best cruise ships for sale. Waste no time! Go ahead and get in touch with a renowned ship broker company in Norway and try your luck at the best cruise vessels for Sale.

Read More About the New Club Class Mini Suite Stateroom of Princess Cruise

Nothing can be better than a fun-filled vacation after a long toiling day. Have you started prepping for your next vacation? How would you like your next vacation to be? Of course, a multi-destination, unique and absolutely frolicking itinerary without the stress of finding a hotel, no running to catch a flight, packing or unpacking bag. How about going on a cruise vacation? Concerned about which cruise ship to choose from a myriad of options? If you are looking for an unwinding sea-voyage on a luxurious cruise ship, then Princess Cruises can be your best bet.

cruise ship

The respective voyagers on the Princess Cruise can choose the latest stateroom category featuring top-tier amenities and lavish dining facilities with the new Club Class Mini Suite. This lavishly decked out mini suite equipped with top-notch amenities have turned into the cynosure of all eyes. The elevated mini-suite features new Club Class dining, which is a reserved dining area along expedited seating arrangements and sumptuous meals. This apart, the estimated Club Class guests will get an opportunity to sleep on the luxury bed offered by Princess Luxury.

It’s said that Club Class Mini Suite will roll out during the fall of 2017. This will roll out in association along the cruise line’s slogan- “Come back new promises” – which is aiming to floor guests with a premium cruise voyage empowered by lucrative product enhancements. Check out the below-mentioned excerpt to know why Princess Cruises should top your priority list –

The exclusive dining arrangements offered by Club Class :

Princess Cruise is spoiled for its elegant décor, top-notch amenities and heart-stealing choices in dinning. Providing a tempting and easy-on-pocket fair, Club Class dinning arrangements have floored pleasure seeking voyagers from everywhere. The dedicated area of the prime dining room is equipped with expedited seating facilities. And, uniquely-styled table décor is the icing on the cake.


A bunch of well-mannered and diligent wait stuffs are appointed to serve every guest with utmost care and hospitality. These apart, the mouth-watering delicacies are probably the most drool-worthy offerings to fall for. The exclusive food corner of Club Class is open every evening for dinner and days (mornings) for yummy breakfast.

Customer care services and upgraded amenities:

The guests of Club Class’s Mini-Suite can also enjoy a few additional VIP perks. Take for instance, The Club Class guests will be amongst the first voyagers to enjoy the “ultimate sleep in sea”, thanks to the amazing Princess Luxury Bed. It’s exclusively designed in collaboration along board certified sleep specialist Mr. Michael Breus and the eminent HGTV designer Candice Olson.

There will be a priority check-in and boarding at the onset if the cruise voyage and priority disembarkation at the end of the vacation. One-time complimentary wine setup will be offered to the guests on the embarkation day. Also, a yummy plateful of canapé will be serviced on request to double the fun of the day of embarkation.

The full suite guests can also savor the uncountable benefits of Club Class Mini-Suites which  include Club Class Dining. Also, you can be the very first passenger to enjoy the awesome Princess Luxury Bed, in addition to a bunch of other facilities proffered with a Full Suite.

The new Club Class Mini-Suites have added to this cruise line’s priorly proclaimed “Come Back New Promise,” a multi-million-dollar, multi year program introducing exclusive  product innovations which shower enriching vacation experiences on its voyagers.


With a huge number of  cruise lines sailing to the seas, zeroing in on the best might seem like a challenge. Let your preferences and budget dictate your ultimate choice. If you are looking to know more in detail, ship broker companies in Norway can help you out.

Check Out the Reasons to Consider a Viking Ocean Cruise

A fun-filled cruise vacation is the best way to unwind yourself whilst savoring the inexplicable beauty of many exotic destinations. Are you planning for a cruise vacation for the first time? The following secrets revealed by Viking Ocean Cruises will offer an edge over the others and make your cruise trips way more enjoyable. Have a look-

cruise ship

  • Viking Ocean Cruises – an introduction:

Viking Ocean Cruises, acknowledged as the ocean cruise division of Viking Cruises, was launched in the year 2013. The viking brands have been associated with river cruising by many cruisers. And, it makes sense too; the super impressive fleet of Viking Longship has outnumbered those of other travel companies.  Viking Ocean Cruises facilitates  its cruisers with an opportunity of cruising with less than 1000 passengers as well as enjoying a number of luxury amenities. Plus, the expenditure of cruising on Viking Ocean Cruises is comparatively lesser than many other cruise ships. Enough reasons to plan a cruise holiday on Viking Ocean Cruises, isn’t it?

  • Set sail to splendorous destinations:

Shore excursion has always been a popular option amongst the cruise vacationers. There are a very few cruise ship operators that offer shore excursion within a stipulated budget. When they provide, it is usually restricted to one stellar celebration or a complimentary ride on bus to town right from the pier. Just like the river cruising counterparts, Viking Ocean Cruises has also included a fun tour for passengers at each of the port of call. You can rely on your cruiser guides of you have any query regarding Viking Ocean Cruises. Also, you can obtain detail guidelines from your guides for ‘things-to-do’ during ample leisure time during or post sea voyage.

  • Royal treatments, lucrative services:

With a bunch of top-tier amenities, Viking Ocean Cruises has always succeeded in ensuring a royal retreat for the high-society, high-junkies cruising on high-seas. Apart from the exquisite alcoholic beverages, wine,champagne etc., Viking Ocean Cruises also provide passengers with world-famous cuisines. Included with sumptuous meals, wine and beer can be extended along with an exciting, Silver Spirits Plan which is nominally priced and includes almost everything one might ask for whilst sea voyaging. Viking Ocean Cruises offer the  all-you-can-drink package within a surprisingly low-key cost. This apart, the Silver Spirits Plan of the Viking’s impose a very few restrictions on the cruisers.

  • State-of-the-art arrangements:

The inclusive price of Viking Ocean Cruises is less expensive than what other cruise ships ask for. The state-of-the-art arrangements offered by Viking Ocean Cruises have drawn a great deal of appreciations from passengers worldwide. From sprawling balconies to mini bars and beautifully decked up seating zones, the Viking’s offer everything required for a luxury retreat. Check out many other facilities offered by Viking Ocean Cruises:

– Purified and bottled water refilled on a regular basis.

– Viking Explorer’s bed decked up with luxury linens, pillows and mattress.

– A complimentary, 24×7 room service.

– The mouth-watering apple pie and lip-smacking ice creams, which you must grab while cruising on Viking Ocean Cruises.

– Luxury slippers and robs, amazing toiletries in easy-to-read bottles which are kept replenished during the sea voyage.

-42″ flat screen LCD TV set with complimentary entertainment which includes sports and news  channels. Also, a selection of television and movies series are offered for your entertainment.

– Unlimited Internet access and many  computers to use in the living room of  Viking Ocean Cruises.

– Cellular service and direct dial satellite phones.

– Absolutely safe hair dryers.


With a huge number of  cruise lines sailing to the seas, zeroing in on the best might seem like a challenge. Let your preferences and budget dictate your ultimate choice. If you are looking to know more in detail, ship broker companies in Norway can help you out.