Reasons to Invest In The Norwegian ROPAX and RORO Vessels

The Norwegian Maritime Industry has been ruling one of the world’s biggest merchant fleets for a period of more than 150 years. This is quite unbelievable and unacceptable given that, the country has a population of fewer than 6 million people according to the 2016 statistics. And what’s more? The Norwegian Government aims to turn it into the world’s Maritime capital as well as the most environment-friendly solutions provider of this century. Now, how is that possible? Well, the following points will give you a brief idea regarding the influence of this particular industry on the economic growth of the nation besides delineating the reasons why you it is recommendable to invest in this large-scale business.

Ropax Vessels For Sale

Availability of Experienced Ship Brokers

You will find a plethora of ship broker companies in Norway that are always on their toes to give you the best deals for advanced vessels. Instead of searching for fine cruises and ferries for sale in the market, you can always contact a ship brokering agency and let them do all the research. You can rest assured they will keep a tab on lucrative deals in the market and provide you with the details so you can pick one according to your budget and preferences.

Fleet of Technologically Advanced Vessels

The 1970’s marked the beginning of the Norwegian Offshore Fleet. It started with the petroleum operations on the continental shelf even during adverse climatic conditions and poor working environment. However, hard work never goes in vain and today, the country possesses one of the largest and most technologically advanced offshore fleets in the world. In fact, the domestic market has laid the foundation for companies to take their business beyond the Norwegian continental shelf. Today, about half of the industry’s revenue comes from outside operations. This trend will sprout better results in future when the companies start exploring the challenges beyond the safe limits of the continental shelf.

The Maritime Industry influences economic growth to a great extent

Large-scale shipping companies, equipment manufacturers, shipbuilding yards, universities, Research and Development centres and regulatory bodies comprise the Maritime Industry of Norway. It accounted for 5.5% of the nation’s GDP in 2009 and it is also ranked second in the nation’s export industry, the oil and gas sector being the first ones. Therefore, it is needless to say that this particular industry is growing by leaps and bounds and this is just the right time to invest in this profitable business.

Beneficial to the environment

The sea is one of the most environment-friendly modes of transport and Norway leads in this particular sector. About 90% of world trade is conducted via sea transport and it accounts for a little more than 2% of greenhouse gas emissions. A single ship has can replace about a hundred trucks thus reducing traffic congestion, accidents and greenhouse gas emissions to large degrees. Therefore the Norwegian Government is betting on the Maritime industry to take this small nation at the top of global charts with respect to environment-friendliness.

Smart Ships with all Modern Amenities

It is needless to say here that the Norwegian fleet is one of the most advanced in the whole world. The shipping companies are engaged in several seagoing activities like the transportation of chemicals, gas, petroleum products, rolling stock, vehicles and so on. You will come across advertisements of ROPAX and RORO vessels for sale every now and then. And, those ships are quite advanced in terms of technology. For example, they are leading in the aspect of gas-powered vessels and utilisation of alternative energies on board.

If you are a possible investor in this industry, it is advisable not to waste more time in indecisiveness. Contact a reliable as well as experienced ship brokering company and start investing in water transport. Let your ship raise a storm in the Norwegian or international waters.

Here’s What a Crystal Cruise Vacation May Look Like

Adventure meets pleasure when a luxury cruise vacation takes the centre-stage. A cruise getaway should top your priority list if you are planning to embark on a multi-destination itinerary miles away from your homeland, without the hassles of catching a flight or boarding on a train, putting up in a hotel, etc. The rising preoccupation of sea-sailing has given rise to a number of cruise lines all over the world. However, with a plethora of options available, it’s difficult to choose a cruise line which can be a good fit for you. Well, here we have digged out the best-in-the-class features of Crystal Cruise, a line which expands in different areas as well as pays close attention to the tiny details-

cruise vessels for sale

A sumptuous dining at sea

Keeping a tab on every nitty-gritty is a must, when it comes to the culinary offerings on a Crystal Cruise. From breakfast to lunch to dinner and everything in-between is served in style. The dining venues are thronged with a bunch of service persons to make serve food promptly, leaving no Crystal guest hungry for more meal or waiting on waiters.

The yummy ‘welcome’ chocolates

Indeed, a great news for those who go gaga over chocolates. Crystal Cruise rustles up yummy custom-made chocolates to wow their guests upon their stateroom arrival. The guests can indulge in these mouth-watering chocolates at dining in the Crystal Dining Room, served with desserts each night.

Free digital entertainment

Apart from a well-stocked library of Blue Ray DVD Videos, the ship’s efficient intranet facility brings an assortment of many other complementary videos. The guests can view the past guest lectures, the website of Crystal Cruise, etc. Through national and international newspapers, the guests can get updated with the world news. With help of Instant Guest Feedbacks, the travelers can share their fun experiences treasured from the sea-journey.

The amazing Sundry menu items

Now, you don’t need to fret, even if you have forgotten to carry your toothbrush, toothpaste or any other unanticipated sundry items such as eyeglass repair kit or cough drops, etc! Wondering why? Well, Crystal Cruise has a list of over 60 sundry items in each stateroom from where the guests can have their choice delivered.

Rental golf clubs

In addition to the clubs available at practice nets on the Crystal Serenity’s top deck, Crystal Cruises also provide a complete set of golf clubs to rent. The clubs can be taken ashore for a day of golf at a local course and are available on a first-come basis. This is a brilliant arrangement for those who love playing golf at their leisure times.

A table for eight dining concept

Targeting the solo travelers, the concept of Crystal Cruises Table for Eight has successfully addressed the former problems of singles wishing to enjoy the specialty restaurant without having someone in tow to dine with. On the select evenings, a no-host dining table for eight is reserved in one of the specialty restaurants of the ship.
The amazing cruise ship experience gets a luxe update with many amenities including Crystal clean eco hangers, shuttle to the ship, learning institutes, private rooms, etc.

If the above-mentioned information is not enough to feed your appetite, then rely on a reliable ship broker company in Norway. Also, they can update you on the best cruise ships or ropax vessels for sale, in case if you want to invest on one such.

Design and Feasibility of Modern of RoRo and Ropax Vessels

Decades ago, a few dedicated RoRo vessels were operated along with multi-purpose ferry services to reduce the on-road traffic. By the end of 90’s, the difference between these two segments blurred as new vessels were invented. These new, bigger and faster ships, called as RoPax vessels offer more space, comfy accommodation, separate vehicle terminals, easy loading unloading and better features as compared to previous generation ships.

RoRo vessels

Contemporary RoRo and RoPax Vessels

Roll on/ Roll off vessels have continuously evolved from the older generation ferries. Passengers and vehicles have different requirements and individual demands on ship space and access. Thus, the architectures and engineering of these ships go through continuous changes.

Depending on the route the ship is plying and the market it is serving, the two RoRo concepts came into existence:

  • The RoPax vessels are ships that are basically designed to load trailers and where there are accommodations for the drivers and sometimes have additional spaces for some passengers.
  • The cruise ferry is a ship that possesses the features of Ro-Pax vessel and cruise liner. Many passengers travel for the pleasure voyage, not leaving the ship and staying at the destination port only for a few hours, whereas others travel for the sake of transportation.

RoRo/ RoPax, prevailing sea states and distances

Despite the availability of low fare air travels and low-cost car rentals, the seasonal demand for RoPax vessels have not demeaned. On short distances, which can be covered within a couple of hours, cabin accommodation for passengers is normally limited and aircraft style seating is more popular. Based on the routes, sailing times vary.

These ships can swiftly travel through unprotected waters and can also overcome severe climate and rough sea conditions. When the ships cover medium distances, the travel time is more than 6 hours and night stay on the ship may be involved. During such trips, cabin accommodation facility for passengers is essential.

Some of the technologies applied to perk up competitiveness of RoPax and RoRo vessels for sales are as follows:

  • Quantification of target market
  • Auto preparation of ship pre-loading plans
  • Installation of an information management system
  • Application of an e-book system
  • Technologies to assist speedy ship turnaround in Port
  • Integrated trailers management on terminals

Factors to be examined

The factors to be examined include ramps; quays; access bridges for RoRo and passenger traffic. One must also investigate land installations which include passenger facilities, space for loading and unloading of vehicles, effects of future climate changes, technical design, security and safety requirements. Requirements for upgrading existing terminals and new terminals should also be taken into consideration.

In order to meet the needs of RoRo market, vessels are designed with contemporary features, greater capacity, upgraded berths, terminals and ramps. The final production of the vessel is based on the guidelines and recommendations for the design and operation of both RoPax and RoRo terminals

Functionality and Uses of RoRo and RoPax Vessels

Whether you have passengers on the ship for leisure or a combo of passengers and vehicles, comfortable features and top-notch facilities are essential to stay ahead of the competition in today’s market. Fast loading and unloading; flexible cargo solutions and separate as well as safe zones for passengers and cargo are important.

RoPax and RoRo ships sail on every ocean and their uses are extensive. Despite the fact that these vessels come in many shapes and sizes, the trend goes on for larger ships with better options for quick loading and unloading.

Ropax Vessels

RoPax is a short form used to illustrate ships with roll-on and roll-off features for the carriage of commercial vehicles and private cars with the provision to accommodate large numbers of passengers separately, for shorter voyages. In this regard, the word “RoPax” means “passenger RoRo vessel.

As these ships contain features that are a mix of both passenger and cargo, changes in concept and size may lead to new challenges for terminal designs. When the size of the ship increases, the stress increases on both quay equipment and quays, as well as sea floor corrosion because of strong thrusters. The RoPax and RoRo vessels are predicted to flourish even more in the upcoming years.

Especially in Europe, the huge potential for this booming usage of RoPax and RoRo vessels is mainly to reduce the traffic on roads. ‘Highway at Sea’ is the only ‘highway’ in the world which has no traffic jams. Most likely, marketers are trying to give it a try in a better way.

Objectives of the Operational Team

Today’s RoRo terminals contain large spaces dedicated for storage of trailers and cars, exclusively. RoPax ships comprise both stern quarter ramps and stern ramps. For better capacity of loading an unloading vehicles, these new RoRo and RoPax vessels can also have bow and side ramps.

New terminal layouts and facilities will be needed with combined RoPax ships. In some instances, the terminal locations can also be changed to provide safety to the passengers, both for driving and walking. A big challenge for combined terminals is that they require more space.

With the increasing focus over the usage of RoPax and RoRo for numerous purposes, both on domestic and international routes will fetch new requirements for these features and facilities, with new risks. Therefore, risk assessment on the combined terminals is the prime need of the hour.

When it comes to providing safe, well-organized and cost-effective operations of the vessels, the designers, operators and owners of RoPax and RoRo terminals and infrastructure follow a set of operational rules globally. The guidance contains topics and information in addition to the existing standards. The topics covered are of great help to engineers, designers as well as operators.