The Reasons Behind Converting Waters Jets into Ecoflow Propulsors

A majority of the classification societies have the specific construction criteria for their smaller vessels including the fast ferries. As per the studies, in order to catch up the global standard of smaller ferries, some major constructional changes have been considered recently. The updated versions of the smaller vessels have the robust engineering and technical upgradations. Also, the water jets have been converted into the eco-flow propulsors to tweak the functionality and overall performance of the small vessels. According to the experts, the propulsors are a way better than the water jets, as they have manifold advantages. Every technology used in this latest setup, structure, and machinery add to the overall performance of the smaller vessels.

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The Prime Advantages of Eco-flow Propulsors

During the reconstruction process, the designers have looked at the pivotal advantages of propulsion. With the most advanced and versatile propulsors, you can get a plethora of benefits. These are –

1. High-speed operation
2. High bollard pull forces
3. Less operational fuel cost
4. Wider operational range
5. The best DP operations
6. An improved operational flexibility
7. Environmental friendly functionalities
8. High acceleration
9. High maneuverability

Some More Advantages

The smaller vessels that have been introduced to Eco-flow propulsors have a huge power installation, specially designed for approximate 40-50 Knots. With a newly converted profile, it keeps the service speed of 25-30 Knots by minimizing its power and maximizing the efficiency. This upgradation has introduced a significantly better profile for the smaller vessels. Owing to the latest upgradation, the smaller vessels have been provided with the lower rate of emission and fuel consumption.

When the Decision has been Taken to Meet Different Targets

Regardless to say, the decision of converting water jets into eco flow propulsors has been taken to fulfill some important targets. Wondering what could be the targets? Look below to resolve your inquisition

1. Emission reduction with help of the latest technologies on the replacement engines

2. The decreased weight provides more passenger seats

3. The improved propulsion efficiency has caused an estimated 30% reduction in fuel consumption

4. The reduced fuel consumption has resulted in the reduced carbon and Nox emission

5. Funding from the government and “green” institutions

6. A discernible reduction in the maintenance cost

7. The reduced wake

8. The visibly increased reliability

9. The maximized serviceability

10. Lower installation cost

11. More engine room space that propels better serviceability

12. Large range at the same tank capacity

13. Weight reduction in about 15 tonnes

To Conclude

The effective propulsion befriending the advanced hull form, upgraded engines and weight savings not just leads lower operational cost by reducing fuel consumption, but also results in the lower emissions by making the marine industry more environment-friendly.

Sometimes change is better, and in this case, the conversion of water jets is accompanied by a great deal of appreciation and success.

Quench Your Thirst for Travel with Amazing Brittany Ferries

A luxury cruise ferry usually tops the priority list when it comes to embarking on a voyage within budget. The popularity of ferries has given rise to plenty of options across the world. Among a number of luxury ferries claiming to fame Brittany Ferries stands out the most.

Setting sail with Brittany Ferries, you can get to spend a whale of a time with a bunch of high-end amenities. You can enjoy plenty of top-tier services and facilities while remaining on board. The amazing facilities offered by Brittany Ferries include French chefs, friendly bi-lingual staffs who aim at providing you a truly French experience from the moment you drive aboard. Here are the top-class facilities that Brittany Ferries will offer to add fun to your journey.

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The mind-blowing onboard experiences

Voyaging can be tiring sometimes. But, depending on your mode of travel, there are some amenities that can just make your journey a little bit easier. The onboard-travel-arrangements by Brittany Ferries will surely add a lot of fun and pleasure to your journey. You will instantly soak in the holiday ethos as soon as you are on board, at Brittany Ferries.

From the mouth-watering cuisines to exquisite liquors and some cherishable shopping experience – there’s a lot to spice up your on board experience. Many sailings under Brittany also offer fun-filled activities and live entertainment for the children. And, the moment you are ready to put your feet up, simply unwind in lap of the comfort of your En Suite Cabin. Check out these followings that you can enjoy when travelling with Brittany Ferries –

Lavish accommodation

Whether you choose to sleep away the miles overnight or enjoy privacy and comfort during the journey, Brittany Ferries’ range of on board accommodation fulfills your needs with utmost care.

Amazing eateries

Gorge on the mouth-watering delicacies at the self-service restaurants of Brittany Ferries. Here at these eateries, kids can enjoy platters of their personal preference.

Shop till you drop

Shop from their exclusive collection of perfumes, clothes, cosmetics, accessories, liquors, etc.

Relaxing spa treatment

Rejuvenate yourself during the tiresome journey with the amazing spa treatments offered by Brittany Ferries.

Discover the magic of technology

From 3D printing to the virtual reality, you can get a glimpse of the future while voyaging under Brittany Ferries.

Get, set and buckle up

With the holiday season around the corner, make plans to embark on your favorite destination. For a relaxing and an exciting journey, you can rely on Brittany Ferries. With the top-tier amenities, Brittany Ferries ensure to add value to your journey. If the above-mentioned information are not enough to appease your queries, then connect with a reliable ship broking company in Norway. You will be provided with adequate information about the best passenger ferries for sale. So, what are you waiting for then? Find out the A-list ship brokers in Norway and know more about different passenger ferries featuring to meet your luxury requisites.

Opt for a Joyous Voyage Offered by Harmony of the Seas

If you have ever sailed solo, you must know the perks of travelling unescorted. If you yet have not attended one, don’t rule out the concept yet. A bunch of pleasure-seekers go solo and it’s not as solitary as you might assume it. Make sure to plan your voyage on a beautiful cruise ship to add more pleasure to your vacation.

With a number of cruise ships claiming to fame, it’s difficult to zero in on the best one. Opt for Harmony of the seas if you are looking for the ultimate fun. Harmony of the seas, representing the cruise line’s design of seven distinct neighborhoods for what Oasis class is highly known, will provide you the outstanding collection of amenities, experiences and fun-filled activities at sea. The following excerpt unearths some amazing facts about Harmony of the seas for the cruise addicts.

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An introduction to Harmony of the seas

The beautiful, lavishly decked up Harmony of the seas has been launched in June 2015. Acknowledged as the third in the Oasis class of ships, the luxury cruise aims to offer an outstanding itinerary retreat to the voyagers. More precisely, it’s orchestrating a medley of some innovative concepts with the best Royal Caribbean innovations for striking the perfect chord for the adventure seekers. This is the reason why, Harmony of the seas is acknowledged as the third Oasis-class ship.

With a bunch of luxury amenities and arrangements, Harmony of the Seas is set to add more fun and pleasure to your vacation. The passengers can test their mettle on the three multi-story water slides offered by the ship. One of these slides will also feature a champagne bowl which swirls the passengers around as they head to the end of the journey.

Amenities to complement the joyous ride

The luxury cruise will feature a new Bionic Bar on the Royal Promenade. The bar was first introduced aboard Quantum of the Seas. It features robot bartenders who are serving one-of-a-kind crafted cocktails while shaking legs to a fluid beat. Additionally, here the passengers can enjoy RFID technology along with Royal WOW Bands which provide them access to their staterooms. Harmony also will also offer the fastest Internet connection at sea where the guests can Skype chat with their loved ones or stream video; and share their vacation memories through social media while at sea.
The pleasure seeking travellers can take a spin on the handcrafted carousel or enjoy some classic games arcade on the Boardwalk of Harmony of the seas. While parents can enjoy the newly relocated Starbucks café on the Boardwalk, children can make new friends at a new climbing play area.
The eulogization would be incomplete without paying heed to the lavish interior of the ship. Interior accommodations will be outfitted with Royal Caribbean’s exclusive Virtual Balconies that offer a view in each stateroom, while single guests will have studio stateroom choices. The suite guests can have a whale of a time at the suite lounge, private suites-only restaurant and exclusive full-service suite offered by the ship.
Harmony of the Seas is said to span 16 decks, encompass 227,000 gross registered tons, carry 5,479 passengers at double occupancy. The Oasis class is an architectural marvel touting the exclusive seven neighborhood concept of Royal Caribbean.

In a nutshell

To know more, you can contact the reliable ship broking companies in Norway. The eminent ship brokers of Norway can help you get ample information about the cruise ships for sale, passenger ferries for sale, day ferries for sale, etc.

Flag Administration and Responsibility Of The Authority For Enforcing Maritime Regulations

The UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) is an umbrella that brings together many features of the sea and its uses, which includes a ship’s registration granting by a State. After a ship is registered, the flag State has certain duties laid out in UNCLOS. Particularly, under Article 94, the flag State must efficiently implement its jurisdiction and control in technical, administrative and social matters. Under the patronage of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), International Conventions have been decided upon that lend out uniform requirements to facilitate the acceptance of a vessel registered in a country in the sea or any water body and ports of another country, as well as the broad-spectrum safety maintenance at the sea and environment protection. These needs are generally known as ‘statutory’ requirements.

Four Discrete Areas of Statutory Requirement

  • Structural integrity and design of the ship

At the time of ship structure designing, it is required to secure the safety rationally by investigating into structural integrity assessment methods. It includes the inspection strategy and material characterization, in-service performance of significant details, inspection and repairs, risk-based assessment, material selection, testing, inspection reliability, hull and process equipment. According to the Norwegian offshore standards (NORSOK, 2007), there must be sufficient space for the wave crest to pass under the deck to make sure that a 10000-year wave load does not cause danger to the structural integrity.

  • Environmental friendly measures with respect to ship operation

Ships operating by maintaining a healthy environment are providing loads of benefits to human being and the shipping industry. The awareness needs to be created with respect to the change in climatic conditions and green credentials need to develop. All passenger ferries for sale comply with these measures.

  • Preventive measures which include navigation aids and fire protection

The SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) guarantees that vessels flagged by signatory States meet minimum standards of safety in construction, operation and equipment. In Chapter II fire safety necessities for all ships with comprehensive measures for cargo vessels, passenger ships, and RoRo ships.

  • Containment and escape situation

It is crucial to design effectual escape routes that should provide hassle-free escape of passengers and crew members without any confusion and congestion at the time of leaving the ship or offshore structure in an emergency situation.  As per IMO, there should be 2 escape routes from two different spaces and exclude dead-end corridors in ships. The width of the escape routes are determined by a simple and proven calculation method. Checking out the escape routes or emergency exit is a must when seeking day ferries for sale.

Flag Administration Delegating Inspection

International Conventions and SOLAS allow the flag Administration to allocate the survey and inspection of passenger ships, double ended ferries for sale or other ships to a RO (Recognized Organization). The RO is answerable to the flag Administration for the task that it performs on its behalf.  The principles of the survey and inspection work are very similar to classification surveys. RO also verifies whether or not a ship meets all the requirements and standards during the time of survey. The extents of these surveys and inspections are set down by the applicable national laws depending on International Conventions to which the Government is a signatory, along with other instructions that may be regulated by the flag Administration.

The Feasibility Study on the Purchase of an Old Ferry

The ferry industry is driven by factors like how the road-based transportation systems meeting the increasing passenger demands or how the transport authority are taking measures to decrease the traffic jams on the roads. Besides, as compared to other public transit modes, the infrastructure cost to maintain a ferry vessel is much less. Therefore, it is worthwhile to expand ferry routes. Being said that, it can be assumed that the demand for ferry ships will also increase in numbers in the upcoming years, along with improved designs and efficiency.

Passenger Ferry

The ferry designing should be carried with optimization of an entire system, not only the vessel, especially in the early stages when the requirements for the ship are set at the beginning. In several cases, altering non-marine features of the system may help to solve complicated ship design issues. The traditional design of a ferry ship is usually a spiral shape. As per the claims, the new technologies have improved the scopes for passenger ferries, in terms of speed, efficiency and cost of operation.

Assessment of the current condition of the ship and her class status.

An old but well-maintained passenger ferry for sale can often be more beneficial than a new vessel. Whether old or new, ferries comprise of parts like stern, terrace, porthole, airshaft, bulwark, hawshole, anchor, prow, the bridge, masthead, radar, stack and light life boat. The advantage of an old ferry is that all its parts are well-tested and have operated several times before, when the ferry used to serve regularly.

In ship Classification, the qualified surveyors execute evaluation and approve plans, calculations and specifications. Shipboard systems and parts are attentively inspected at various stages of construction to make sure that they are constructed as per the rules and regulations that are continuously updated as per international best practices. Performance trails for vessels, auxiliary and propulsion machinery and any leftover installations are first done at the jetty, followed by sea trials after the fitting and the overall construction of the ship is completed. Upon suitable results of all ascertainment carried out at the time of supervision, Cerificate of Class with appropriate class notations are awarded. This attests that the ferry is steadfast and is in compliance with international and national standards.

Defining future research and objective to meet the commercial demands at present

It is expected that the ferry system will provide a high level of service to make the communication feasible than other modes of transportation. The level of service greatly depends on the overall measure of several factors that concern users and comprise of price, speed, comfort, amenities, handiness and comfort, both in the terminals and on the ships.

A great amount of resources has been put into new technologies to lower engine emissions, increase boat speed and efficiency by optimizing the use of existing fleets. It has been discovered from the studies that speed is not the only concern of the passengers, but safety measures are equally important. Besides, the environmental concerns are also popping up gradually. The air pollution caused by engine emission, water pollution from ship disposal systems and noise pollution needs to be controlled by taking effective measures like using bio-diesel and advanced machineries.

Well Maintained Car/Pass Landing Crafts For Sale


Landing Craft



LOA 47 M / BEAM 12 M / DRAFT 1,80 M

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Passenger Ferries – An Effective Mode of Transportation

Waterways have been a useful mode of transportation since times immemorial. Ferries were used widely to carry passengers and as cargoes. In fact, there are various published works that depict the importance of the ferryman in several civilizations and cultures. Even to this day, the ferry boats remain an effective means of transport across the globe. There are several waterside cities where ferries are the main mode for commuting as there are no bridges or tunnels. Whilst some people consider ferry riding cost effective but that is not the only reason why such vessels are popular with the commuters.

Passanger Ferries

No Problems with Luggage

Ferries can accommodate both travellers and luggage. There are passenger ferries like the catamarans. These are quite popular in both Europe, Far East and Australia. Gradually, they are gaining popularity in the US as well. Ferries have no luggage limit unlike the airways. Thus, you can freely include everything that you need.

No Traffic

This is, perhaps, one of the biggest advantages of the passenger ferries. You can easily get rid of the traffic. In addition the travel time on the waterways is also shorter than that of land.

Comfortable Journey

For the passengers it is definitely a comfortable journey where they are not confined to a chair. They can choose to walk around and enjoy the view. There are several ferries that offer a host of facilities including restaurants, cinemas and internet cafes. For those who are looking for overnight travels, these vessels can be of great help.

Minimize Pollution

If you care about the environment you know that ferries are less prone to pollute the waterways. Whether it is a passenger ferry or cargo, it does not add to polluting the environment the way the fumes of a car does.

Cheaper Modes of Transportation

Ferries are definitely cheaper modes of transportation. However, the prices do vary depending on which part of the globe you are travelling. But when you compare the prices with the other modes like cars, flights, etc, they definitely cost less.

Owing to such benefits, the passenger ferries are still considered one of the most convenient ways to travel on water. Ship broking companies throughout the world deal with passenger day ferries for sale in places where they are in demand. The interested buyer can opt for various kinds of ferries – catamarans, roro, landing crafts, double ended ferries, etc. The cost is decided depending upon the condition of the vessel.