Learn the Table Etiquettes for an Enjoyable Eating Experience on a Cruise

Irrespective of the culture, tradition an origin, everyone loves mouth-watering and tangy food preparations. Be it for celebrating the festive season or spending a lazy weekend, yummy platters should top your priority list. Now, whether you are flocking to a posh restaurant or setting out for a luxury cruising, learning table etiquettes is a must. Are you planning to embark on a luxury cruise trip? If yes, then don’t forget to keep these table etiquettes in mind –

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If you want to have it, order it

Generally, in the main dining room of a cruise ship you can come across a menu with a very limited selection. It’s disappointing not to get your favorite dish, and the limited stock of food is to put the blame on. The passengers come across such awkward situations especially when ordering for special platters that top the popularity list. Often, such highly popular platters are only available on a special event.
Sometimes, the passengers get a chance to order 3 or 4 platters. It does not mean, they have to eat them all at a time. Also, if you are dissatisfied with a platter, don’t hang back from asking for something else. Many first-time cruisers don’t even understand they can order the platters of their preference in any quantity they want. Don’t repeat this mistake if you are cruising for the very first time. Remember, you have paid adequately for the food. Hence, it’s your right to order as much as you want.

Experiment when it comes to your taste bud

A cruise is an ideal place to try out new cuisines that you have never had before. As you have already paid for the platters, don’t hesitate about ordering something new and not liking it and resultantly dumping it. You might find some cuisines you have never tried before in the menu. And this is the ideal time to give it a shot. You never know. You may just find a new favorite food which you might end up ordering on every cruise in the future.

Try one of the speciality restaurants

You may loathe the concept of spending more money on a cruise vacation when you already dropped a large sum just to get on the ship. Well, if you don’t back out from shelling out a lot, make sure to try out the amazing specialty restaurants. These restaurants are perfect for the festive season or special occasions like anniversary, birthday, etc. Just remember that you may have to spend some big bucks, but you will be absolutely floored by the food and services these restaurants will offer.

Arrange the table accommodation beforehand

Most tables can seat 4 to 8 people. But if you are going on your honeymoon or just prefer to have a table for just two persons, you can request it ahead of time. Before you cruise, you can also determine what dinner schedule you would like to zero in on. If you find that you are stuck at a table with less than desirable dinner mates, you can ask for the manager for another table for the next night.

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Opt for a Joyous Voyage Offered by Harmony of the Seas

If you have ever sailed solo, you must know the perks of travelling unescorted. If you yet have not attended one, don’t rule out the concept yet. A bunch of pleasure-seekers go solo and it’s not as solitary as you might assume it. Make sure to plan your voyage on a beautiful cruise ship to add more pleasure to your vacation.

With a number of cruise ships claiming to fame, it’s difficult to zero in on the best one. Opt for Harmony of the seas if you are looking for the ultimate fun. Harmony of the seas, representing the cruise line’s design of seven distinct neighborhoods for what Oasis class is highly known, will provide you the outstanding collection of amenities, experiences and fun-filled activities at sea. The following excerpt unearths some amazing facts about Harmony of the seas for the cruise addicts.

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An introduction to Harmony of the seas

The beautiful, lavishly decked up Harmony of the seas has been launched in June 2015. Acknowledged as the third in the Oasis class of ships, the luxury cruise aims to offer an outstanding itinerary retreat to the voyagers. More precisely, it’s orchestrating a medley of some innovative concepts with the best Royal Caribbean innovations for striking the perfect chord for the adventure seekers. This is the reason why, Harmony of the seas is acknowledged as the third Oasis-class ship.

With a bunch of luxury amenities and arrangements, Harmony of the Seas is set to add more fun and pleasure to your vacation. The passengers can test their mettle on the three multi-story water slides offered by the ship. One of these slides will also feature a champagne bowl which swirls the passengers around as they head to the end of the journey.

Amenities to complement the joyous ride

The luxury cruise will feature a new Bionic Bar on the Royal Promenade. The bar was first introduced aboard Quantum of the Seas. It features robot bartenders who are serving one-of-a-kind crafted cocktails while shaking legs to a fluid beat. Additionally, here the passengers can enjoy RFID technology along with Royal WOW Bands which provide them access to their staterooms. Harmony also will also offer the fastest Internet connection at sea where the guests can Skype chat with their loved ones or stream video; and share their vacation memories through social media while at sea.
The pleasure seeking travellers can take a spin on the handcrafted carousel or enjoy some classic games arcade on the Boardwalk of Harmony of the seas. While parents can enjoy the newly relocated Starbucks café on the Boardwalk, children can make new friends at a new climbing play area.
The eulogization would be incomplete without paying heed to the lavish interior of the ship. Interior accommodations will be outfitted with Royal Caribbean’s exclusive Virtual Balconies that offer a view in each stateroom, while single guests will have studio stateroom choices. The suite guests can have a whale of a time at the suite lounge, private suites-only restaurant and exclusive full-service suite offered by the ship.
Harmony of the Seas is said to span 16 decks, encompass 227,000 gross registered tons, carry 5,479 passengers at double occupancy. The Oasis class is an architectural marvel touting the exclusive seven neighborhood concept of Royal Caribbean.

In a nutshell

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Seabourn Encore is Gaining Popularity in Cruising Industry – Here’s Why

Once acknowledged expensive, the cruise vacation are no longer the preserve of the affluent and rich travellers. Drawing a great deal of appreciation from everywhere, a cruise getaway is now on a journey to the sea carries a great aspirational value among the travellers. The cruise itinerary is always great as it’s multi-destination, unique and frolicking getaway option that has no stress of figuring out connections, no hassle of boarding on flights and no worries about entertainment amenities.

There is a lot going for a cruise holiday, and the icing on the cake is that you will be able to do as much or as little you desire. With a bunch of cruising options claiming to fame, Seabourn Encore deserves a special mention. Read out the following excerpt to gather more information about Seabourn Encore.

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An introduction to Seabourn Encore

Seabourn Encore will officially take delivery of its latest luxury cruise ship – the 604-guest Seabourn Encore in the month of December. The amazing Seabourn Encore has already generated a lot of buzz from the press and pleasure-seeking guests. The itineraries for Seabourn Encore’s inaugural season have been thoughtfully designed in order to showcase some of the off-the-beaten ports of call. In fact, the Seabourn Encore emphasizes on making some grand plans to add fun to the cruising experience.

Mr. Richard Meadows, the prestigious president of Seabourn Encore has said that the luxury cruise will offer a wide range of itineraries during the maiden season. Also, the guests will be provided with the golden opportunities of visiting some of the most breathtaking and sought-after destinations of Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Thus, Seabourn Encore is setting a new level of ultra-luxury cruising experience for the cruisers worldwide.

Seabourn Encore is said to sail her first voyage on December 4, 2016. It’s a 10-day journey from Athens through the Suez Canal. This alone can be noteworthy, but the collection of ports that Seabourn has assembled for this frolicking journey is impressive.

Following that, Seabourn Encore will sail to another entire unique journey between Dubai and Singapore on December 20, 2016. This amazing voyage along with the previous journey from Athens will serve as the preview voyage of the ship.

Seabourn Encore will celebrate a gala ceremony in Singapore on January 7, 2017. The guests on her maiden voyage will begin a 10-day journey through Southeast Asia with calls on Surabaya, Java, Bali and Komodo, Indonesia.

Know more

Throughout the rest of next year, the ship will sail to ports around the globe, stopping in Australia and New Zealand before returning to the Mediterranean in the spring of 2017, where she will spend the remainder of the summer.

Despite a lot of similarities to her fleetmates, Seabourn Encore is truly the largest ship ever constructed for Seabourn, coming in a 40,350 tons. It’s her sprawling passenger deck that has distinguished her from other ships. The eulogization of Seabourn will be incomplete without mentioning its sleek and contemporary interior design.

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New Carnival Vista To Feature Top-Notch Amenities for Passengers

Debuted in Spring 2016, New Carnival Vista has been receiving a very positive words-of-mouth and is attracting millions of pleasure-seekers from all around the globe. Built to impress the sea-goers with spectacular views, Carnival Vista aims to take cruising to new level and introduce a bunch of ground-breaking amenities such as sky ride, open-air cycling, the world’s first IMAX Theatre on a ship, seafood shack, a delectable New England-inspired eatery; RedFrog Pub, bar, dinning zone, etc. Bank on the following excerpt to know more about these fun-filled amenities.

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  • Outdoor fun to the fullest:

With Sky Ride the first ever pedal-powered open-air aerial attraction of  the cruise industry,  New Carnival Vista is creating some of the best outdoor vistas ever offered on a cruise ship. The adventurous riders can ride bikes to their way around the 800-foot suspended track with soul-stirring views from 150 feet above the azure sea. The expanded outdoor activity also includes a new indoor sports hangout, the Clubhouse at SportSquare featuring ping-pong, mini-bowling, arcade basketball, sports video gaming, etc.

  • Entertainment at the multiplex:

Carnival Vista offers a really spectacular view for the passengers. Carnival has partnered with entertainment innovator IMAX® for bringing the most amazing cinematic experience for the sea-goers. Featuring the latest Hollywood blockbusters, the lavish hall offers a whale of a time for the movie-buffs. The movie-lovers can enjoy  a multi-dimensional special effects experience at the Thrill Theater. Spectators at Carnival Multiplex will  be offered mouth-watering popcorn and movie snacks to snack on. The Warehouse features a bunch of video and arcade games to entertain the audience.

  • Dining area and bars:

The dining area is inspired by the Seafood Shack, a casual indoor/outdoor dining venue near the Lido Marketplace eateries. The seafood lovers’ paradise will offer a list of delicacies including  steamed lobster,lobster rolls, fried shrimp, crab cakes, fried clams, etc.

At the RedFrog Pub, Carnival would brew up some amazing liquors to quench the thirst of beer-lovers. During every sailing, a couple of giant copper-topped glass kettles will be offered to create tasty ales and lagers which can be enjoyed on tap from the bar as well as through unique tabletop taps that allow passengers to pour their own beer. The full bar will also offer a range of Caribbean-inspired cocktails, rums and beers. Indoor/outdoor seating, great music and brewing tours will be provided in the fun-filled venue.

  • Unwind to the core:

Carnival Vista has a lot to offer a lot for those who are looking to relax and unwind.The lavish two-level Cloud 9 Spa will offer a range of amenities like a thalassotherapy pool,relaxing sauna and hammam , four steam chambers, etc. to offer a soothing experience to the guests. Guests can also get a serenity retreat that includes some breathtaking views and lounging options including the very first  outdoor massage huts for the ultimate relaxation.

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Check Out a Detailed Overview of Norwegian’s Pride of America

It is really easy to be wrapped up in the excitement and convenience of cruising – you can book your meals, accommodations and transportation sans any hassle. But in order to cherish a bit more drool-worthy cruising experience, you require forethoughts. And your to-do-list should be topped by a thorough research on several cruise lines. In recent years, many top-notch cruise lines have improved the industry standard with extravagant amenities, beautiful destinations and amazing port experience than ever before.

Pride of America

Among an array of cruise ships claiming to fame, Norwegian’s Pride of America has stood out undoubtedly. Stumble upon the following excerpt for a deeper acquaintance with  Norwegian’s Pride of America.

  • An introduction:

Pride of America is a luxury cruise ship which was partly built in the United States. This is a new member of the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet. This amazing cruise ship was inaugurated during the 2005/2006 session as the very first United States flagged cruise ship in nearly fifty years. Pride of America was designed and decked up to pay homage to the  patriotic artwork of USA. There are no sea days on this cruise ship and it spends about 100 hours in port during each seven-night cruise.

  • Embarkation:

Embarkation on the Pride of America is like a breeze. Passengers are generally provided with a Hawaiian lei the moment the ship enters the cruise terminal.  And it needs about 20 minutes to reach from the curb to the cruise ship.

  • A sneak peek into the ship:

Norwegian’s Pride of America has been out of dry dock for almost four months. It is a 10 years old cruise ship. But, it’s truly difficult to guess the age of the cruise ship, thanks to its outstanding interior decoration and updated amenities that no way appear old or outdated. As the only U.S- flagged ship in the world, the public spaces of Pride of America ooze with Americana from the Cadillac Diner to the John  Adams Coffee Bar and the “Great Seal of the United States on the atrium floor”.

The detailed overview of Pride of America would be incomplete without the eulogization of how all of the public areas are themed. In a nutshell, the Pride of America has the potpourri of high-end facilities, in-vogue amenities, sophisticated interior and friendly crew staffs. So, it has all the qualities to become your favorite cruise ship of all time.

  • Friendly crew members:

The Pride of America has nestled all diligent crew members who can go to any limit to serve the guests. The wait staffs in the Liberty and Skyline dining rooms have gone above and beyond to ensure everything is perfect. The dinning room staff is responsible for preparing food according to the passengers’ preference. Their attention to every nitty-gritty will never go unnoticed.

  • Beautiful cabin:

Sprawling staterooms equipped with all in-vogue amenities including a comfortable bed, decent sized balcony, small couch, spic & span bathrooms, etc. are the key USPs of the Pride of America. Midship balcony along with elevators and stairs is designed to offer easy access to the public areas of the cruise ship.

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A Fun-Filled Build-A-Bear Workshop is Conducted by Carnival Cruise Line

A great news for the cruisers – the very first Build-A-Bear workshop is going to be rolled out aboard the Carnival Dream. Carnival refers to a family cruise leader which hosts 700,000 kids per year. Carnival is conducting a Build-A-Bear workshop at sea by Summer 2017. The workshop is said to provide children with an opportunity of making their own cuddly bear. It can be customized with a host of outfits and accessories including tutus, high-top sneakers, vacation outfits such as bathing suits, sunglasses, etc.

cruise ship

A sneak peek into the quirky workshop:

Each of the bears will have its own “birth certificate” where the name and date of birth of the bear will b e mentioned. Also, the cuddly bears will carry a monogrammed drawstring bag. This is not it; the cute bears will also have their own voice through a recordable sound chip. Kids can even record their own special messages via the recorder. The workshop has a lot more fun-filled experience in store. Besides making cuddly-teddies, children can also create soft toys including turtles, monkeys, leopards, and many other furry friends. Also, kids will be taught to make St. Jude Bear with an objective of gifting the children of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

When the workshop is a favorite destination for families:

Build-A-Bear Workshop stores always have been a favorite destination for families. The partnership with Carnival Cruise Line will provide passengers with an opportunity of participating in the fun of making cute furry friends while onboard. The new workshop experience on Carnival Cruise Line Ships will proffer a host of exciting experiences for every passenger irrespective of the age and gender.

A host of arrangements for passengers’ unlimited fun:

The participants can create their custom-designed teddy bears at Build-A-Bear Workshop At Sea workstations situated within the Camp Ocean facilities . Or they can also attend cruise directors of the ship with festive Build-A-Bear workshop held at every cruise. Music and mouth-watering snacks are the central attraction of the celebration.

The pop-up workstations are set at the designated times throughout the cruise and they also include everything to create some cute, huggable,soft teddy bears with racks filled out with different outfits, accessories and soft materials. With help of these ingredients, participants can create absolutely soft and huggable teddy bears.

That’s not it – Build-A-Bear Workshop At Sea also offer an array of fun-filled activities including complimentary programs for children of 2-17 age group. A bunch of amenities like spectacular water parks with corkscrew water slides, splash zones, poolside DiveIn Movies on gigantic LED screens, outdoor play spaces, miniature golf courses, etc. will be arranged for the unlimited entertainment of the participants.

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This Holiday Take a Cruise Vacation on The Pride of America

Finally, you have got a much-awaited break after some long-toiling days, and you are looking to break the shackle of monotony bidding adieu to the humdrum of daily life. When it comes to unwinding your mind and body, nothing can ever surpass the significance of a fun-filled vacation. This holiday, make a plan to embark on a cruise vacation with your loved ones. A relaxing, unique and multinational cruise vacation has no stress of catching flights or unpacking at each stop. And, a plethora of entertainment options offered by a cruise is icing on the cake.

cruise ship

However, with a number of cruise lines taking to the seas, zeroing in on the best seems like a challenge. According to the industry insiders, Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America offers a lot of quality and value for the passengers’ hard earned money. Here are some reasons why you should narrow down Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America –

  • Unparalleled hours in port:

Not many know, a cruise vacation on Pride of America provides an unprecedented 100 hours in port during the seven-night cruise. You can spend a whale of a time in Hawaii. There are overnight ports on Kauai and Maul so that you can enjoy the ports sans worrying about rushing back in time for sail away. No other ship ever spends anywhere around 100 hours in port while in Hawaii.

  • Entertainment options:

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America not only takes you to Hawaii, but it also brings Hawaii on board the cruise ship. During the itinerary, you can take pleasure of Aloha Polynesia Show in theater, hula classes, lei making classes and extremely engaging history/ port talks about Hawaii. The cruise directors and port guides are from Hawaii, which can help you avail a complete Hawaii experience on Pride of America during the amazing cruise vacation.

  • Drool-worthy dining options:

There are an array of dining options available at Pride of America. Nowadays, since presentation tops the priority list, most sumptuous meals come with beautiful side salads. Here on Pride of America, you will be served with a large variety of mouth-watering meals offered by 10 different restaurants, hard to believe, isn’t it ?

  • A brilliant ship decor:

The aesthetically appealing ship decor of Pride of America oozes with Americana from John Adamas Coffee Bar, Capital Atrium, Liberty Dining Room to Cadillac Dinner. When eulogizing the brilliant decoration of Pride of America, you should mention the beautiful Colonial Style Staircase, which helps in beautifying the atrium.

  • Friendly and diligent staffs:

Pride of America offers the most friendly staffs to cater to its passengers. Right from embarkation to disembarkation, the humble staffs will always go to any limit for serving the pleasure-seeking passengers.

  • Sails year-round to Hawaii:

Pride of America is one and only cruise ship, which sails to Hawaii all years round. Therefore, no matter which time of the year, you plan to cruise to Hawaii, Pride of America offers you everything to cover a mind-blowing vacation.

  • Hassle-free disembarkation:

AS there is no requirement of going through customs, getting off the cruise ship is a total breeze. You will go from the cruise ship to curb in 5 minutes, which is the easiest disembarkation ever.

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