New Luxury Cruise Ships Debuting in the Year 2017

And, another New Year is upon us! With the upcoming 2017 around the corner, a bunch of luxury cruises are about to rule the roost. From the swanky ones to luxurious cruise ships, 2017 will introduce something brand new for all cruisers. Scroll down to know more about them.

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Viking Sky and Viking Sun

Maiden voyage: February 25th, 2017 for Viking Sky and November 17th, 2017 for Viking Sun

Viking Oceans are said to debut two new ships in the year 2017. Viking Sky and Viking Sun, both sister cruise ships are ready to set sail in 2017. These luxurious ships embody the philosophy of Viking Cruise, which is providing personalized and immersive small-ship travel experiences. Every stateroom will feature a private balcony to allow the cruisers to feast their eyes on the beautiful surrounding. Also, while enjoying their personal spaces, the travellers are provided with a chance to experience the elegant public spaces, including the theater, Explorers’ Lounge and the amazing Sun Deck.

Here are the key features of the cruise ship :-

a. Nordic inspired Spa of Viking Ocean

b. Infinity pool

c. Winter garden

Majestic Princess

Majestic Princess is said to debut in April, 2017. With an embracing combination of brand new features and guest favorites like sea walk, movies under that Stars and Princess Theater. Are you a shopaholic? If yes, then duty-free shopping areas will be the best bet for you. With the dazzling WaterColor Fantasy sound and light show, six private karaoke suites, Hollywood Pool Club, casino, Center Court fitness area and state-of-the-art theater there will never be a dull moment at sea!

Here are some of the key features of Majestic Princess :-

a. The Hollywood Conservatory

b. Sea Walk

c. Movies under the stars

MSC Seaside

Sophisticated Italian Style meets contemporary convenience abroad the MSC Seaside, arriving in Miami in December, 2017. It’s high-flying mind-blowing and waterslides racing stimulators are not enough. The MSC Seaside will also feature every incredible live entertainment which is really become a hallmark of MSC Cruises. It will also include plenty of options, youth zone and several relaxing retreats.

Here are some of the key features of MSC Seaside :-

a. Aquapark

b. Waterfront Promenade

c. Dedicated Port Miami Terminal

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Learn the Table Etiquettes for an Enjoyable Eating Experience on a Cruise

Irrespective of the culture, tradition an origin, everyone loves mouth-watering and tangy food preparations. Be it for celebrating the festive season or spending a lazy weekend, yummy platters should top your priority list. Now, whether you are flocking to a posh restaurant or setting out for a luxury cruising, learning table etiquettes is a must. Are you planning to embark on a luxury cruise trip? If yes, then don’t forget to keep these table etiquettes in mind –

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If you want to have it, order it

Generally, in the main dining room of a cruise ship you can come across a menu with a very limited selection. It’s disappointing not to get your favorite dish, and the limited stock of food is to put the blame on. The passengers come across such awkward situations especially when ordering for special platters that top the popularity list. Often, such highly popular platters are only available on a special event.
Sometimes, the passengers get a chance to order 3 or 4 platters. It does not mean, they have to eat them all at a time. Also, if you are dissatisfied with a platter, don’t hang back from asking for something else. Many first-time cruisers don’t even understand they can order the platters of their preference in any quantity they want. Don’t repeat this mistake if you are cruising for the very first time. Remember, you have paid adequately for the food. Hence, it’s your right to order as much as you want.

Experiment when it comes to your taste bud

A cruise is an ideal place to try out new cuisines that you have never had before. As you have already paid for the platters, don’t hesitate about ordering something new and not liking it and resultantly dumping it. You might find some cuisines you have never tried before in the menu. And this is the ideal time to give it a shot. You never know. You may just find a new favorite food which you might end up ordering on every cruise in the future.

Try one of the speciality restaurants

You may loathe the concept of spending more money on a cruise vacation when you already dropped a large sum just to get on the ship. Well, if you don’t back out from shelling out a lot, make sure to try out the amazing specialty restaurants. These restaurants are perfect for the festive season or special occasions like anniversary, birthday, etc. Just remember that you may have to spend some big bucks, but you will be absolutely floored by the food and services these restaurants will offer.

Arrange the table accommodation beforehand

Most tables can seat 4 to 8 people. But if you are going on your honeymoon or just prefer to have a table for just two persons, you can request it ahead of time. Before you cruise, you can also determine what dinner schedule you would like to zero in on. If you find that you are stuck at a table with less than desirable dinner mates, you can ask for the manager for another table for the next night.

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Get Acquainted with Some Common Cruise Hacks

Have you got some lucrative deals on Caribbean cruise? Well, browsing through the Internet, checking with a reputed travel agent or booking directly with the cruise line, you can save a lot on the cruise fare. You must be glad to know that these bucks include taxes, fees and port charges. And resultantly, you can now board the ship without any hassle. Are you planning to have a whale of a time onboard? It may cost you a few bucks, but the ultimate expenditure won’t break your bank. This festive season if you are planning to embark on a luxury voyage, read the following excerpt to know some of the essential cruising hacks.

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A majority of cruise lines allow their guests to carry bottles of wine to celebrate the special events. But, not every wine is vintage. Well, replacing the comparatively affordable wine with vodka probably won’t work, but you can get the original, vintage wines at the reputed liquor stores. If you want to invest your time and moolah on the exquisite wines, ditch the local grocery stores and tuck in the impressive wine shops. You can ask for the vintage wine with a higher alcoholic content to use in wine cocktails. You will be provided with plenty options.

Cash in hand for better services

Most of the luxury cruise ships automatically add the suggested amount of gratuities regularly. At the end of the voyage, those will be supposedly distributed amongst the crew members. If you have the necessity, you can rely on it. But, always beware of the flexibility possible with the system, as it’s still called a gratuity. However, you can still have them removed by selecting instead to tip the crew members when you feel the need. Begin the process from the very first day by tipping the stewards, bartenders and waiters. Money speaks the volume – always keep it in your mind.

Participate in the game or get off the cruise

There’s nothing much to strike a comparison between the cruising experiences of old-days and modern days. The travelers from the old days can fondly remember the golden days when more used to be included in the service list. If you are looking for some exclusive cruising experiences, there are a number of cruise lines to serve you. Some offer exclusive pricing that include both the cruise fare and the amount you have paid onboard.

Actually, an increasing number of cruise travelers spend as much or more onboard than they pay for the ticket. If the above-mentioned information is not enough, you can contact a reputed ship broker company Norway that can help you in every possible way. With them, you can also collect ample information about the high speed vessels for sale.

Quench Your Thirst for Travel with Amazing Brittany Ferries

A luxury cruise ferry usually tops the priority list when it comes to embarking on a voyage within budget. The popularity of ferries has given rise to plenty of options across the world. Among a number of luxury ferries claiming to fame Brittany Ferries stands out the most.

Setting sail with Brittany Ferries, you can get to spend a whale of a time with a bunch of high-end amenities. You can enjoy plenty of top-tier services and facilities while remaining on board. The amazing facilities offered by Brittany Ferries include French chefs, friendly bi-lingual staffs who aim at providing you a truly French experience from the moment you drive aboard. Here are the top-class facilities that Brittany Ferries will offer to add fun to your journey.

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The mind-blowing onboard experiences

Voyaging can be tiring sometimes. But, depending on your mode of travel, there are some amenities that can just make your journey a little bit easier. The onboard-travel-arrangements by Brittany Ferries will surely add a lot of fun and pleasure to your journey. You will instantly soak in the holiday ethos as soon as you are on board, at Brittany Ferries.

From the mouth-watering cuisines to exquisite liquors and some cherishable shopping experience – there’s a lot to spice up your on board experience. Many sailings under Brittany also offer fun-filled activities and live entertainment for the children. And, the moment you are ready to put your feet up, simply unwind in lap of the comfort of your En Suite Cabin. Check out these followings that you can enjoy when travelling with Brittany Ferries –

Lavish accommodation

Whether you choose to sleep away the miles overnight or enjoy privacy and comfort during the journey, Brittany Ferries’ range of on board accommodation fulfills your needs with utmost care.

Amazing eateries

Gorge on the mouth-watering delicacies at the self-service restaurants of Brittany Ferries. Here at these eateries, kids can enjoy platters of their personal preference.

Shop till you drop

Shop from their exclusive collection of perfumes, clothes, cosmetics, accessories, liquors, etc.

Relaxing spa treatment

Rejuvenate yourself during the tiresome journey with the amazing spa treatments offered by Brittany Ferries.

Discover the magic of technology

From 3D printing to the virtual reality, you can get a glimpse of the future while voyaging under Brittany Ferries.

Get, set and buckle up

With the holiday season around the corner, make plans to embark on your favorite destination. For a relaxing and an exciting journey, you can rely on Brittany Ferries. With the top-tier amenities, Brittany Ferries ensure to add value to your journey. If the above-mentioned information are not enough to appease your queries, then connect with a reliable ship broking company in Norway. You will be provided with adequate information about the best passenger ferries for sale. So, what are you waiting for then? Find out the A-list ship brokers in Norway and know more about different passenger ferries featuring to meet your luxury requisites.