New Carnival Vista To Feature Top-Notch Amenities for Passengers

Debuted in Spring 2016, New Carnival Vista has been receiving a very positive words-of-mouth and is attracting millions of pleasure-seekers from all around the globe. Built to impress the sea-goers with spectacular views, Carnival Vista aims to take cruising to new level and introduce a bunch of ground-breaking amenities such as sky ride, open-air cycling, the world’s first IMAX Theatre on a ship, seafood shack, a delectable New England-inspired eatery; RedFrog Pub, bar, dinning zone, etc. Bank on the following excerpt to know more about these fun-filled amenities.

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  • Outdoor fun to the fullest:

With Sky Ride the first ever pedal-powered open-air aerial attraction of  the cruise industry,  New Carnival Vista is creating some of the best outdoor vistas ever offered on a cruise ship. The adventurous riders can ride bikes to their way around the 800-foot suspended track with soul-stirring views from 150 feet above the azure sea. The expanded outdoor activity also includes a new indoor sports hangout, the Clubhouse at SportSquare featuring ping-pong, mini-bowling, arcade basketball, sports video gaming, etc.

  • Entertainment at the multiplex:

Carnival Vista offers a really spectacular view for the passengers. Carnival has partnered with entertainment innovator IMAX® for bringing the most amazing cinematic experience for the sea-goers. Featuring the latest Hollywood blockbusters, the lavish hall offers a whale of a time for the movie-buffs. The movie-lovers can enjoy  a multi-dimensional special effects experience at the Thrill Theater. Spectators at Carnival Multiplex will  be offered mouth-watering popcorn and movie snacks to snack on. The Warehouse features a bunch of video and arcade games to entertain the audience.

  • Dining area and bars:

The dining area is inspired by the Seafood Shack, a casual indoor/outdoor dining venue near the Lido Marketplace eateries. The seafood lovers’ paradise will offer a list of delicacies including  steamed lobster,lobster rolls, fried shrimp, crab cakes, fried clams, etc.

At the RedFrog Pub, Carnival would brew up some amazing liquors to quench the thirst of beer-lovers. During every sailing, a couple of giant copper-topped glass kettles will be offered to create tasty ales and lagers which can be enjoyed on tap from the bar as well as through unique tabletop taps that allow passengers to pour their own beer. The full bar will also offer a range of Caribbean-inspired cocktails, rums and beers. Indoor/outdoor seating, great music and brewing tours will be provided in the fun-filled venue.

  • Unwind to the core:

Carnival Vista has a lot to offer a lot for those who are looking to relax and unwind.The lavish two-level Cloud 9 Spa will offer a range of amenities like a thalassotherapy pool,relaxing sauna and hammam , four steam chambers, etc. to offer a soothing experience to the guests. Guests can also get a serenity retreat that includes some breathtaking views and lounging options including the very first  outdoor massage huts for the ultimate relaxation.

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