Check Out the Reasons to Consider a Viking Ocean Cruise

A fun-filled cruise vacation is the best way to unwind yourself whilst savoring the inexplicable beauty of many exotic destinations. Are you planning for a cruise vacation for the first time? The following secrets revealed by Viking Ocean Cruises will offer an edge over the others and make your cruise trips way more enjoyable. Have a look-

cruise ship

  • Viking Ocean Cruises – an introduction:

Viking Ocean Cruises, acknowledged as the ocean cruise division of Viking Cruises, was launched in the year 2013. The viking brands have been associated with river cruising by many cruisers. And, it makes sense too; the super impressive fleet of Viking Longship has outnumbered those of other travel companies.  Viking Ocean Cruises facilitates  its cruisers with an opportunity of cruising with less than 1000 passengers as well as enjoying a number of luxury amenities. Plus, the expenditure of cruising on Viking Ocean Cruises is comparatively lesser than many other cruise ships. Enough reasons to plan a cruise holiday on Viking Ocean Cruises, isn’t it?

  • Set sail to splendorous destinations:

Shore excursion has always been a popular option amongst the cruise vacationers. There are a very few cruise ship operators that offer shore excursion within a stipulated budget. When they provide, it is usually restricted to one stellar celebration or a complimentary ride on bus to town right from the pier. Just like the river cruising counterparts, Viking Ocean Cruises has also included a fun tour for passengers at each of the port of call. You can rely on your cruiser guides of you have any query regarding Viking Ocean Cruises. Also, you can obtain detail guidelines from your guides for ‘things-to-do’ during ample leisure time during or post sea voyage.

  • Royal treatments, lucrative services:

With a bunch of top-tier amenities, Viking Ocean Cruises has always succeeded in ensuring a royal retreat for the high-society, high-junkies cruising on high-seas. Apart from the exquisite alcoholic beverages, wine,champagne etc., Viking Ocean Cruises also provide passengers with world-famous cuisines. Included with sumptuous meals, wine and beer can be extended along with an exciting, Silver Spirits Plan which is nominally priced and includes almost everything one might ask for whilst sea voyaging. Viking Ocean Cruises offer the  all-you-can-drink package within a surprisingly low-key cost. This apart, the Silver Spirits Plan of the Viking’s impose a very few restrictions on the cruisers.

  • State-of-the-art arrangements:

The inclusive price of Viking Ocean Cruises is less expensive than what other cruise ships ask for. The state-of-the-art arrangements offered by Viking Ocean Cruises have drawn a great deal of appreciations from passengers worldwide. From sprawling balconies to mini bars and beautifully decked up seating zones, the Viking’s offer everything required for a luxury retreat. Check out many other facilities offered by Viking Ocean Cruises:

– Purified and bottled water refilled on a regular basis.

– Viking Explorer’s bed decked up with luxury linens, pillows and mattress.

– A complimentary, 24×7 room service.

– The mouth-watering apple pie and lip-smacking ice creams, which you must grab while cruising on Viking Ocean Cruises.

– Luxury slippers and robs, amazing toiletries in easy-to-read bottles which are kept replenished during the sea voyage.

-42″ flat screen LCD TV set with complimentary entertainment which includes sports and news  channels. Also, a selection of television and movies series are offered for your entertainment.

– Unlimited Internet access and many  computers to use in the living room of  Viking Ocean Cruises.

– Cellular service and direct dial satellite phones.

– Absolutely safe hair dryers.


With a huge number of  cruise lines sailing to the seas, zeroing in on the best might seem like a challenge. Let your preferences and budget dictate your ultimate choice. If you are looking to know more in detail, ship broker companies in Norway can help you out.


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