Check Out the Top Reasons to Cruise on Norwegian Escape

There’s nothing more compelling than a frolicking holiday spent in a marvelous destination, far aloof from the humdrums of stress-ridden, fast-paced metro life. How would you like to spend your next holidays ? Are you planning a unique, multi-destination itinerary minus concerns of catching flights or trains; without enormous hassles of checking in or out; sans the troubles of packing & unpacking at every stop ? If you happen to tick on all these criteria, then cruising on Norwegian Escape is your thing. Count on the following excerpt to excel your knowledge about Norwegian Escape:-

cruise ship

– What is Norwegian Escape ?

The Norwegian Escape is the biggest and the most recent cruise ship rendered by Norwegian Cruise Line, which is in service since October, 2015. Presently sailing Caribbean itineraries, this lavishly decked out, humungous cruise ship comes up with over two dozen dining options, signature entertainment, and ample options in bars and lounges. Regardless to say that a majority of cruise ships fail at proffering such top-tier amenities. The top-notch amenities offered by Norwegian Escape have played the cupid in flooring more and more pleasure seeking sea voyagers. Below are listed some amenities offered by the iconic cruise ship –

– Tuck into Margaritaville

A heart-pumping sea-voyage is incomplete without exquisite drinks.Even if you are not fond of drinks, you would be floored by the Margaritaville at sea. Munch on  some mouth-watering, oven-fresh pizza or yummy snacks while sipping a signature Margarita. Margaritaville at sea has a signature drinks menu offering fresh and chilled cocktails. Make sure to try them out to enjoy your sea voyage to the fullest. Usually open from 11 am till 4 pm, Margaritaville encounters some lines during peak times. Hence, try to tuck into the restaurant as early as possible.

– Bars and lounges

Norwegian Escape offers an exclusive bar and lounges where voyagers can laze around, throughout a day. Tobacco Road which is the oldest dive bar of Miami has debuted on the Norwegian Escape along a specialty cocktail menu, which is absolutely iconic as the city keepsake.

– Amazing deck parties

It won’t be exaggerating to state that there’s no shortage of fun and entertainment on Norwegian Escape. Having inspired by the fun-filled beach parties on the Island of Ibiza, Norwegian Escape has turned a party hot spot by hosting frolicking parties that never fail at getting you on your feet. From loud party musics to psychedelic lights and heart-melting celebration themes – the party area is absolutely apt if you want to dance the night away.

– Upscale dining experience

The passengers mostly go gaga over the upscale dining experience featuring top chefs offered by Norwegian Escape. Some of the best cuisines are served for the sea voyagers on Norwegian Escape. Iron Chef Garces shares a partnership with Norwegian to offer Bayamo which is a popular seafood restaurant with a Latin Flavor that you can experience whilst setting sail on Norwegian Escape.

– Soothing Thermal spa

A soothing Thermal spa is offered by Norwegian Escape for passengers looking to kick back and relax in a mind-blowing setting. Voyagers are allowed to access a bunch of facilities including therapy pools, sauna bath, heated mosaic loungers and many more. Travelling whilst indulging in the utmost pleasure – with Escape you can grab a chance to kill two birds at the same time.

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