MV Berlin: Inside One of the Grandest Ships of All Time

High-society hi-junks voyaging on high seas –this image instantly pops up whenever mind assumes of a sea-journey on a lavish cruise ship. Often, the list of luxury passenger ships seems to be endless. MV Berlin is perhaps one of the iconic cruise ships in the world. In no way, it’s exaggerating to acknowledge Berlin as an incredible feat of ambition and engineering. Now before any further ado, let’s take a close look on the nitty-gritty details including amenities, accommodation, technical features, etc. of MV Berlin:

MV Berlin sets sail

A widely popular, Vessel Berlin (IMO: 7904889, MMSI: 248277000) created quite a buzz when it was built in the year of 1980. Presently, this vessel is sailing under the flag of Malta. Berlin has 126m length overall and beam of 18m. The gross tonnage of this vessel is about 9,570 .  Below is described a few more technical details of MV Berlin.

cruise shipTechnical Details

The approximate length of the gigantic passenger ship is 139 meters. Its breadth is around 17,5 meters and draught is about 4,82 meters. The approximate cruising speed is17 knots. 412 is the maximum passenger number that can fit into this luxury cruise ship. Six passenger decks are offered by Berlin. This air-conditioned cruise ship has 110V – 230V electric current.


The up-to-the-mark passenger accommodation of Berlin plays a crucial role in popularizing it amidst the sea-voyagers world-wide. It features almost 158 sprawling outside cabins. Amongst total 206 cabins, there are 48 inside cabins, lavishly decked out to entertain and serve all-profile guests.

The state-of-the-art passenger infrastructure is Berlin’s crowning glory. Every cabin is equipped with modern amenities that include showers, air condition, toilets equipped with in-vogue facilities, telephone, television, DVD players and more. Public rooms and facilities include dining rooms, verandah restaurant, sirocco lounge, yatch clubs for amusement, library, beer-garden and the likes. Regardless to say, all these amenities are exclusively designed to not just fulfill individual’s requirements, but also to provide amusements to the core.

Crew members

The total number of crew members is 180; Officers of international nationality are welcomed to work on Berlin. Similarly, crew members of international nationality are too allowed to work on Berlin.

Detail description of inside cabins

Four kinds of inside cabins are offered by MV Berlin, including Standard Cabin, Comfort Cabin, Superior Inside and Premium Inside. The Standard Cabin offers 15 staterooms. Every room has two lower/matrimonial beds and bathroom equipped with shower facilities. Comfort Inside has 18 staterooms; each of them offers guests with 2 lower beds and bathrooms with shower facilities. 13 staterooms are offered by Superior Inside; similar facilities of two lower beds, bathrooms with shower are provided by these rooms. Promenade; the last but not the least, has two rooms equipped with two lower beds and bathrooms with shower.

Peep into outside cabins

There are four outside cabins in Berlin; Standard Outside, Select Outside, Comfort Outside, Superior Outside and Premium Outside. Standard Outside offers 44 staterooms. Each of them has two lower beds /matrimonial and bathroom with shower. Select Outside has 42 staterooms; each room provides two lower beds and bathrooms with shower.

Comfort Outside has 48 rooms while there are 8 staterooms offered by Superior Outside. Premium Outside has 10 staterooms to offer to its guests. Each of these staterooms is equipped with two lower beds and bathrooms with shower facilities.


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