High End Amenities Provided by Pacific Pearl

A great cruise vessel is more than a journey. Moving up to a luxury vessel builds beautiful memories that endure forever. Pacific Pearl is one of such luxury cruise vessels, which is the sixth cruise ship of the P&O Cruises Australia brand. This luxury vessel was built by Chantiers de I’Atlantique, right at their shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, based in France. The vessel, being oldest in the fleet, has experienced an array of previous lives.

High End Amenities by Pacific Pearl

It is said that originally, it was launced as Sitmar Fair Majesty. Back then it got absorbed into the Princess fleet as Star Princess in the year of 1989. It remained as MV Arcadia for P&O from 1997 till 2003 in the United Kingdom. The name remained for a few years and later it was replaced with Ocean Village in year of 2008. During the end of 2010, this vessel was transferred to P&O Australia.

Pacific Pearl is acknowledged as one of the premiere cruise vessels, courtsey the high-end amenities. The delivery of Pacific Pearl is primarily targeted paying need to the lifestyle of Australia. Now let’s take a cue from the following about the first-class amenities offered by Pacific Pearl –

Facilities for families:

Every vessel must be equipped with an array of facilities, which successfully benefit every family that is cruising. The Family facilities provided by Pacific Pearl are immensely extensive. There are sprawling playrooms for children. The vessel provides children with a spacious indoor play zone. Both the tweens and teenagers are facilitated with spaces of their own. This is not it; healthy and nutritious meals are provided to feed children of 3 to 10. For benefiting the parents, a babysitting facility is offered until 1 AM. This apart, there are some cabins, which are even equipped with berths for three to four persons. It’s definitely good for families that carry children.

Luxury accommodations:

Luxury accommodations provided by this vessel have been crafted for the wellness of passengers’ lives. Lavishly decked out mini suits,with balcony that offers beautiful outside views, are tailored to entertain the passengers. Private mini suits equipped with walk-in-closet, wood-floored bathrooms, bathtubs, shower facilities have been designed keeping in mind the passengers’ requisites and choices. Television is provided for those who intend to enjoy music while cruising.

Arrangements for entertainment:

There is the Marque Theatre, which is known to be the prime venue for major events. A horse-shoe shaped room, banquet style seating areas and sprawling balcony are the major USPs of this tiny-piece-of-entertainment. Despite of being a not-so-new vessel, Pacific Pearl is equipped with latest bells and whistles. The stage allows its viewers to feat their eyes on a beautiful LED lighting backdrop. A beautiful tune, soothing-to-ear, is played throughout the lounges and bars. Western music, fresh-and-chilled drinks, line dancing are arranged to uplift mood in no time.

The aforementioned in-vogue amenities apart, many other facilities including dining area, spa and fitness arrangements, etc. are also available in Pacific Pearl. In a nutshell, Pacific Pearl is a perfect bet for a complete entertainment.


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