Take a Look at the Safety Norms of Ro-Ro Ferries

The roll-on/ roll-off aka Ro-Ro ships are one the successful kinds operating today. These ships are extremely popular on many shipping routes, courtesy its flexibility and capability to integrate with other transport systems. Ro-Ro ships play a crucial role as a car/passenger ferry, especially on the short-sea routes.

However, despite its commercial success and enormous popularity, there have been a few fatal accidents involving several Ro-Ro ships. To put an end to these unfortunate occurrences IMO has deployed a set of amendments on Ro-Ro ships. These amendments keep eyes on the safety of Ro-RO ships in order to stop re-occurrences of such mishaps. These are as follows-



The Development of Ro-Ro:

The concept of the modern ro-ro ship has been borrowed from the steam train that was invented around 100 years back. Ships were built for taking trains across rivers that were too wide for bridges. The traditional ships were equipped with rails that allowed trains to move straight into the ships.

For people who are into export/import business, ro-ro ferry offers several advantages when compared with traditional ships. The ro-ro ship has appreciable speed. Lorries or cars can drive straight onto to a ro-ro ship at one port and come out at other port within a few minutes after the ship has been docked.

Ro-ro ships can be well integrated with other transport systems like containers. The transportation time is lesser than traditional ships. This way the efficiency of a shipper has increased.

ISM Code:

IMO at its 16th assembly adopted the resolution called A.647 (16) in October 1989. The resolution offers guidelines on the conduction safe operations and preventing pollution on ships.

The aim of these guidelines was to offer those responsible for the operation of ships with a framework for proper implementation, development and analysis of safety and pollution prevention management as per good practice.

The objective of the 16th assembly was for ensuring safety, preventing human injury, loss of life and avoiding damage to the environment. The guidelines were based on general objectives and principles for promoting the evolution of sound management and operation practices within the industry as a whole.

The guidelines figured out the importance of existing international instruments as crucial mediums to prevent pollution and maritime casualties. The guidelines include sections safety and environmental policy.

SOLAS Conference:

The SOLAS conference took place in November 1995 where a series of amendments took place regarding safety norms for ro-ro ships. The conference was organized following the mishap of a ro-ro ferry Estonia.

The important changes related to the stability of the ro-ro ship were made in Chapter II-1. The SOLAS 90 damage stability standard was applied to ships that were built in 1990. The stability standard was implemented to existing ships as per the agreed phase-in programme.

The conference also adopted a new regulation called 8-2. This regulation comprises of special requirements for ro-ro ships that carry more than 400 passengers. The regulation is intended to phase out ships that have one compartment standard.

These are some of the safety norms for ro-ro ferries. When ships operate, the concerned navigation department has to keep a copy of ISM code on board.

Tips and Tricks to Stay Safe on a Cruise Ship

There’s no denying it- cruising is probably one of the safest forms to attain a sea-journey. Just like any other journey, the sea-goers too require following some basic precautions to stay safe on the cruise ships. Sometimes, the passengers invite troubles neglecting these precaution requirements. However, one should not forget that he/she is going to stay on the cruise ships along with many other co-passengers who might spoil the safe & secure environment onboard. Below is listed a list of very common precautions, which everyone must go by before getting on board-

Cruise ship

Keep Alcohol at Bay

Cruise ships are the best spots to experience a vacation. While you are on board, chances are there that you retire to binge drinking because you think you have spent enough money on booking tickets. You will be carried away if you do not know your limits. In addition, do not accept drinks from strangers as you may face trouble.

Ensure In-Cabin Safety

When you are travelling on a cruise, you need to ensure in-cabin safety. Cabin doors open and close automatically. Sometimes, the doors do not close completely. While leaving your cabin, give the door a firm pull so that it shuts completely.

You should always use the dead bolt to shut the door properly. If the door is not fitted with dead bolt or door stopper, inform the cabin steward for early fitment. While ordering for food, call room service directly. If you hear a knock, look through the peephole before opening the door. Do not share your cabin number with strangers.

Don’t Rely on Strangers

While you are cruising, you will meet with strangers. Some of them may be crooks in disguise. Be aware of them. Do not share anything personal with strangers. When you are in the casino, cash in your winnings periodically. If your opponent offers you escort, do not accept. Instead, call for security guards to help you with an escort.

Don’t Carry Around Large Wads of Cash

You should not bring large amount of cash on board. Your room key can act as a debit card. When you are going for on shore excursion, take out the amount that you need. It is advisable to keep cash in your money belt. Do not become over conscious that you are carrying lots of money. Else you will invite crimes unknowingly.

Pay Attention at Muster Drill

You should attend muster drill before your vacation begins. While attending the drill, you will know the location of the muster station. During the safety drill session, you will learn the way of putting on a lifejacket. You will also learn about different alarms and the ways of responding to them.

While attending the muster drill session, you should not talk to others. Do not drink during such session. Even if you are familiar with safety rules, listen to the instructions patiently.

These are the tips you need to follow for staying cruise ship. Don’t divulge about your personal life to strangers and accept drinks from them. Otherwise, you may become victim to crimes.