Cruise Ship Environmental Hygiene by Vessel Sanitation Program

VSP aka Vessel Sanitation Program refers to the Operational Sanitation Inspection, which assists the Cruise Ship industry to control and prevent the introduction and conveyance of Gastrointestinal Diseases on the cruise ships. This program sheds a light on whether the sanitation standard in a ship is operated and maintained according to the VSP 2011 Operational Manual.

Cruise ship environmental hygiene

Vessel Sanitation Program is operated under the esteemed authority of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. Section 264 Quarantine and Inspection Regulations to Control Communicable Disease). There are many crucial aspects about the VSP that everyone must be well-acquainted with. These are précised below:

How VSP is operated:

Vessel Sanitation Program is operated through CDC aka the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. In other word, it is operated by the Public Health Standards which is found in the VSP 2011 Operations Manual. These criteria usually emphasize upon control & prevention of gastrointestinal illness on a cruise ship. It is majorly based on the FDA Food Code as well as the WHO’s (World Health Organization) guide to ship sanitation.

It is their responsibility to put an eye on the cruise ships on a regular basis. Many crucial matters including sanitation issues, food storage facilities, water sanitation, food preparation methods, hygiene maintenance and disease prevention methods in a ship etc. are looked after by the program.

Once the inspection on a ship is done by the VSP, a report card is issued subsequently. Eventually, the report card is made available on the website of the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention. A report card available on the internet helps people to research and evaluate the score of the cruise ship, which they are wishing to book.

Areas inspected by the VSP:

The major areas of a ship that are inspected by the Vessel Sanitation Program are enlisted below:

  • Medical care Facilities
  • Dining areas
  • Children activity centres
  • Portable Water Systems
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Ventilation system

After every inspection, the VSP inspectors speak to the ship management team, and on the basis of survey give them an inspection report.

What if a cruise ship fails the inspection:

Cruise ships unable to ace the test are usually re-inspected within a reasonable time span. If a vessel fails an inspection just because of an imminent public health risk, VSP might recommend it not to sail again. Violations that fall under imminent public health risk are précised below:

  • Inability to store foods under safe temperature
  • Inability to chlorinate drinking water
  • Inadequate cleansing arrangements
  • Scarcity of sanitizing equipments
  • Inadequate arrangements for solid or liquid wastage disposal

The basic sanitation measures are there in all the Cruise vessels in Norway. If you are in search of such Cruise vessel for sale, get in touch with an eminent ship broker company in Norway.


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