RORO Vessels – Why Are They Preferred?

RORO ships are built to carry wheeled cargo including trucks, automobiles, railroad cars, trailers, etc that can be driven both on and off the ship by using their own wheels or with the help of a platform vehicle. There are built-in ramps in the RORO vessels so that the cargo can be rolled on and off the vessel while it is in port. As far as the uses are concerned, they are preferred for shipping automobiles and large vehicles instead of containers.

RORO Vessels

Industry experts feel that the future of these oceangoing carriers is promising. The dramatic increase in the global automobile trade is one reason why more numbers of ROROs, packed with advanced technologies, are used in the marine industry to dispatch automobile shipments to worldwide destinations. Their side port ramp and robust ramp enable dual flow where cargo loading is concerned. Though autos are vital to this particular industry, there are certain carriers that specialize in heavy and high equipment like cranes, agriculture machines, excavators and other large-scale items. Both small and large vessels are employed in short sea sailings.

Benefits of RORO Vessels

Primarily they accommodate rolling cargo and are found in the European waters. However, the ROPAX vessels are built for accommodating both passengers and vehicles. These are known to carry both trailers and drivers. These are majorly used for overnight services in Europe. There are other advantages, too, for which these vessels are preferred for commercial uses. From the shipper’s point of view, the benefit is speed. The vehicles can be driven straight onto the ship from one port and then driven off at another within a short time period, it helps in saving time of the shipper.

Secondly, it can be integrated conveniently with other transport vehicles like containers. In this regard, it has proven particularly profitable and useful for the holidaymakers as now they can transport their cars from one country to another with RORO shipping. Tourism, as a result, has received a significant boost.

Cost for RORO Shipping

This is the most cost effective way to deliver shipments through the waterways.

Handling of the Shipment

This is another advantage for which quality roro vessels for sale are favoured. While delivering from one port to another, the vehicles will be driven on to the board, secured and driven off at the desired destination. Thus, there are lesser chances of your vehicles being manhandled.

Location of the Storage

Availing roro or ropax vessels does not mean that your shipment will be secured on the deck. Rather there is a deck in the hull of the ship where the vehicles are kept. These are completely weather proof. Hence, the vehicles would not be subjected to the salty water or air.

Owing to these advantages the RORO carriers are used to deliver overseas shipments as well. Owners mostly employ the roro and ropax vessels in their liner service. With an upward movement in freight, better trade growth is also predicted for the RORO market.


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